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Community Organisations

Connecting Communities

If you need a sustainable, cost effective transport solution that meets the needs of your community, contact LINK to discuss our range of flexible customised services.

LINK is the largest community transport provider in Victoria and has been delivering exceptional service for 36 years. Our customer centric service is focused on the specific needs of the traveler and is delivered by staff and volunteers who have up to date, extensive training on dealing with children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

By working with LINK you are joining a network of service providers pooling resources and leveraging leading edge technology to empower communities’ mobility in the pursuit of happy and healthy living.

LINK Community Transport vehicles

LINK offers customised solutions, from fleet management to full transport service provision, providing a range of options tailored to your community’s needs.

LINK is leading the way and is the largest community transport provider in Victoria and as such offers significant savings via economies of scale and fixed cost pricing.

Trusted and Professional Experts
LINK’s core business has been delivering door to door community transport and specialist community transport sector related training and advocacy for nearly 30 years. LINK’s CEO is the chairman of the Victorian Community transport Association and as such LINK is an integral part of shaping the future of community transport in the state. Outsourcing your transport needs to LINK means you are dealing with an expert organisation with highly skilled professionals.

Compassionate and Diverse
LINK is a values based organisation, driven by a desire to help rather than profit. LINK helps some of the most disadvantaged communities live healthy and happy lives. LINK’s staff and volunteers come from various backgrounds being able to deliver a service that specifically caters for the needs of diverse communities.

LINK uses state of the art technology for vehicle tracking, communications, scheduling and routing and convenient payment systems and we have the latest and safest fleet so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best.

By outsourcing your transport needs to LINK you gain access to a wider range of vehicles and the ability scale up or down fleet to meet current demand. Free up your resources and time to focus on your core priorities!

Contact Us 1300 5465 28

1/62 Keon Pde, Thomastown, VIC 3074
1300 5465 28
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