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Other Passengers

As well as providing transport services to people who are CHSP and HACC eligible, LINK also provides non-subsidised transport to people who do not qualify for a subsidy but are still having transport difficulties and are in need of affordable transport for e.g. NDIS and fee for service passengers.

Why choose LINK?

  • Affordable Travel

Although the fee for travel is a little higher than subsidised  travel with LINK it is still much more affordable compared to alternatives such as TAXIs.

  • Superior Service

The service you receive is of a very high standard by staff and volunteers who have up to date, extensive training on dealing with children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

  • Making a Difference

LINK is a registered charity and as such reinvests all the funding received into better servicing disadvantaged communities. By choosing to travel with LINK you in turn will help us support people experiencing transport disadvantage live a more fulfilled life.

Contact Us 1300 5465 28

1/62 Keon Pde, Thomastown, VIC 3074
1300 5465 28
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