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Whilst LINK Community Transport provides transport, we are well known for sharing our extensive knowledge and delivering complimentary services.

This also includes providing quality training whilst utilising our 35 plus years of experience.

We currently provide two training programs namely:


The type of training of training do not stop there.

As part of our strong continuous improvement philosophy, we continually work with many councils, agencies, businesses and organisations to develop customised training to meet their needs.

Whether this is to simply provide additional reinforcement training or enhance current skills such as drivers learning to effectively use a 12 seater bus or to undergo our highly respected yet innovative ‘Travel Training’ program, we are always willing to find a way to deliver the best solutions to achieve your needs.

If there is a training program you feel that is missing or in need in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team of experienced staff will work with you to see what we can do to help you and the people you serve.

To enquire about training today, please contact our training team:


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