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Do you want to:

▸ Learn new skills?

▸ Meet people and make friends? 

▸ Boost employment and education prospects?

▸ Increase confidence and improve your well being?

▸ Extend your network and community knowledge?

▸ Help others and make a difference in your community?

Founded in 1979, LINK is a not-for-profit community organisation that has been providing transport services since 1995. We provide transport to health, social and recreational activities for older people, people with disabilities, and their parents or carers. The purpose of providing such transport is to enable people to remain independent and autonomous. We respect the diversity of our clients and our approach is to ensure that our service best meets their needs. By working collaboratively with our clients, their carers and family or support workers, we’re able to support them to achieve their goals. Our community transport service operates in the northern metropolitan region and parts of Melbourne’s west.


You will be driving people from their home to their desired destination, with the possibility of assisting passengers in and out of the vehicle.

You will need to have your full drivers licence, be familiar with the local area and have a basic understanding of written and spoken English. While many of our clients come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, most of them speak some English.

Availability: You can choose to help out as little as one day per fortnight. Typically, we prefer our volunteers to commit for a minimum of six months.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

LINK welcomes volunteers into all facets of its operations including customer service centre and administrative staff.

Training and support: Even if you don’t have any experience in volunteering we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that you will be on track to becoming a volunteer with us.

For a full list of our current volunteer vacancies, please click here.

“I volunteer to put something back into the community. I have a great deal of respect for the organisation and for the people we help.”
– Rob, LINK Volunteer Driver 

“I love the drivers, they’re so polite and always ask me how I’m going. Thank you for everything you do for me, I love them all.”
– Mary, LINK Client

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