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Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer testimonials

Marie Fenton

Marie Fenton Before joining the team at LINK, Marie worked in administration at La Trobe University within the Agricultural Department and later in the School for Business for 22 years.

When approaching retirement, Marie reflected on a happy and healthy life and decided it was time to give back to the community and support those who needed it most. She spent some time volunteering at the Olympic Village Community Centre and then moved on to LINK.

Marie keeps herself very busy, playing tennis 3 days a week, walking, gardening, meeting up with friends and spending time with her two grandchildren.

Volunteering with LINK has really opened her eyes to the needs of the community. She has witnessed a great appreciation from all clients.


Peter Cowan

Peter CowanOriginally hailing from Lanark, Scotland, Peter Cowan travelled down under 42 years ago and has spent his time between New Zealand (10 years) and Australia (32 years). Before joining the team at LINK, Peter worked as an Air Craft Maintenance Engineer with Qantas, Ansett and TA.

When he’s not pottering in the garden or at a Melbourne Victory match, Peter can be found on the golf course.

Peter worked first as a contracted driver with LINK, working with the City of Melbourne. Once this contract was complete, Peter found that he enjoyed driving so much with LINK, that he continued on, but in a voluntary capacity. Peter’s wife, Sue is also a part of our valued volunteer team.

Volunteering with LINK has increased Peter’s awareness of the daily struggles that some members of our community are faced with. He is happy to be a part of an organisation that is helping people to get ‘out and about’. He enjoys getting home and reflecting on the people that he has helped for the day, and knowing that he has made a difference. He also enjoys the social interaction that volunteering brings – either with the clients or his fellow volunteers.


Volunteer recognition

We recognise the commitment of our volunteers and the vital role they play in the provision of our community transport services. Each year we celebrate national volunteer week with cooked breakfast for volunteers and other annual events such as Christmas functions.

We have an Honour board celebrating service milestones of five years, ten years and Life Membership at LINK Community Transport Inc.

If you would love to volunteer your time please click here for our Volunteer Requirements page.

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