Melton Toyota sponsor ‘Linking the West’ initiative

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Melton Toyota sponsor ‘Linking the West’ initiative


Since July 1 this year, with changes to government models of care, LINK has been inundated with requests for transport from the West (Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Wyndham, Maribyrnong, Moonee Valley and Melton). To meet this demand, we’ve had to stretch our already limited funds and we’ve purchased two new cars and now offer a limited service in the West. This is a stop gap as the new cars are already under strain with the increasing workload.

Currently there are no funded community transport providers in the West, some local councils run small transport services however they have limited capacity, won’t take people to medical appointments and will not transport people between councils

Yet, there is an ever-growing unmet need for transport in this area as can be seen in the following statistics:

  • 23,492 people in the West on the Disability Support Pension
  • 69,724 people in the West on the Aged Care Pension
  • 5.1% of the people in the community need assistance with core activities
  • 19.1 % of 65+ year old’s living in the community have a severe disability
  • Ranked number one in the state of 65+ year old’s living in the community who have a severe disability

The above population and their lack of mobility results in deterioration of health and well being and major decrease in quality of life, making them extremely prone to isolation and depression. Our transport service is not only driving them from A to B, but connecting them with their local community, taking them to crucial medical appointments and generally improving their quality of life by getting them out and about when needed.

As it is community transport this is delivered by friendly volunteers at a fraction of the cost of an Uber or a Taxi, and much easier than public transport.

LINK is reaching out for support to the local community, councils, philanthropists and businesses and we hope to raise $300,000 to fund a full roll out in the West.

We would like to sincerely thank Melton Toyota who have been one of the first to offer support in the form of a sponsorship and would like to encourage other businesses in the West to follow their lead.

Just some of the way you can support LINK:

  1. Volunteer for LINK as a driver, assistant or in the office
  2. Businesses can sponsor, donate or partner with LINK
  3. Philanthropic organisations can fund LINK’s service

For more information on how you can support LINK please contact Craig Hunter on 03 9462 8711 or email or visit our fundraising page .

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