Toyota turbo charges LINK’s ability to drive change

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Toyota turbo charges LINK’s ability to drive change

If you work for a charity or ever have been involved in a charity in any shape or form, you know that things are challenging. There’s never enough resources to deliver usually a very needed service to a very disadvantaged cohort. You spend your days balancing your time between trying to deliver this very needed service in the best way possible within the constraints that come with limited resources and doing your best to network, build awareness and fund-raise.

Then one day, out of the blue, you get a phone call that you were selected as one of the recipients of a brand new Toyota Camry Hybrid, one of the last ones to ever be built on Australian soil. You almost feel like its a prank call, because in the world of charities, things don’t come easy! Just ask our Philanthropy and Sponsorship Principal who works tirelessly to secure funds and resources day in day out.

Since finding out the news we’ve come to know Toyota as a caring, socially responsible organisation, that in the face of adversity and inevitable change are authentic, true to their values and giving to the local community, their own employees and charities like LINK.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody at Toyota! We are so grateful for this donation. At a time where we are bursting at the seams with demand for our services, an additional car to our fleet is just what we need. Through our work we have seen people’s lives absolutely transformed, volunteers gaining confidence, a sense of belonging, friendships and for many of them ultimately paid jobs, as well as clients making a complete turnaround from being depressed and isolated at home to being fully entrenched in their local communities leading them to healthier and happier lives. It is a true pleasure to be the conduit of this transformation and we thank Toyota for assisting us to continue to do this with added capacity. We now need extra volunteer drivers to help us utilise this car fully so if you are reading this and you think you have a bit of time on your hands and would like to support some of the most disadvantaged Melbournians please get in touch on 1300 546 528.

Below are some photos from the day and the full Press Release from Toyota. Toyota press release can be found  here

Marija Janev

Marketing and Communications Principal


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