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LINK provides services to the following individuals and communities who do not have other means of getting out and about:

  • Indigenous Australian aged 50+
  • Seniors aged 65+
  • People with a disability and their Carers
  • Private passengers who choose an alternative to business operators such as TAXIs and Uber in order to support an organisation that is making a difference.

LINK’s staff and volunteers come from various backgrounds being able to deliver a service that specifically caters for the needs of diverse communities. View a range of client and volunteer fliers in a number of languages here.

LINK provides our services through government or direct customer referral. Everyone can access services through LINK, pricing varies for different programs and based on customer eligibility.

Details for all LINK programs available to individuals can be found below >>

Safe and affordable transport

  • Do you or someone you care about require assistance with transport?
  • Is using public transport challenging?
  • Do you require transport to health appointments, the supermarket, your cultural club or simply to visit a friend?
  • Are you limited to relying on availability of friends and family to take you out and about?

If you’d like to remain independent and enjoy interacting with your community and living a fulfilled life, LINK can help you get out and about for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a TAXI.

Most people are eligible for a subsidy so the cost of our personalised door to door service can be as little as $5.

Assisted Shopping

LINK now provides an assisted shopping program where customers can do their own shopping and have the freedom to choose products they like. Unlike other providers, we do not have a limit of the amount of grocery bags purchased. We assist the customer every step of the way, including door to door transport, help while shopping, at the checkout and loading/offloading the groceries. Currently the program is available on a fortnightly basis and only costs $10.

Seniors Social Outings Program

LINK’s social outings program is a wonderful way to get out and about, meet new friends and enjoy different outings at an affordable price. It has been wildly popular since it began and we continue to offer outings for every taste including:

  • Shopping at large centres and small antique shops
  • Shows and performances for the art lovers
  • Historical estates for those wanting to take a step back in time
  • Cafes and restaurants for the foodies
  • Parks and reserves for the nature lovers.

For bookings and more information on our outings, visit the Events page >>

Domestic Assistance Program

LINK provides in home cleaning services to customers to assist with household tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, window washing and laundry.

Community Transport Program

LINK provides community transport to customers for all their transportation needs.

To book a service or learn more, please get in touch via email or call us on 1300 54 65 28.

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