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LINK Community Transport’s (LINK) Head Office and primary depot is situated 62 Keon Parade Thomastown Victoria. LINK provides Community Transport services in the Northern and Western Metropolitan Melbourne Region; and seeks to expand its service footprint considerably. LINK’s predominant income source is Federal CHSP funding for the aged cohort which is expected to continue until June 2019 after which will likely emerge an open, contestable market featuring empowered, individually funded consumers. LINK also receives State HACC funding which will similarly transition into an open, contestable market in the form of the federal NDIS over that same 3-year period. It is unknown what arrangements will remain for current HACC participants who do not qualify for NDIS. In essence; LINK is transitioning from a block funded service provider, to a bona fide social enterprise who will need to flourish on the strength of its value proposition in an open, contestable market environment.

Find out more about LINK’s mission and vision on our about us page.

Our Services

LINK provides customized transport to people with a disability, people aged 65+, and other persons experiencing transport incapacity or disadvantage whether temporary or permanent, regardless of age; enabling attendance to personal needs and engagement in community life at affordable (subsidized) prices. Non-subsidized services are also available to the general community on a fee-for-service basis.


 Facts & Figures

20 staff & 100 volunteers



Operations Manager



Operations Co-ordinator (0.5 FTE)



Operations Officers 5.5 FTE

Contract Drivers equivalent to 2.5 FTE

Volunteer Drivers equivalent to 18 FTE

Office Volunteers equivalent to 3 FTE



The Operations Co-ordinator (1.0 FTE) is responsible for overseeing and directly contributing to the operations team who collectively performs all tasks associated with customer intake and assessments; trip bookings, scheduling and cancellations; logistics, control room and dispatch duties; volunteer administration; record-keeping; call centre functions; vehicle surveillance; driving; chaperoning and records management functions attached to meeting customer need and fulfilling supply potential.


The Operations Co-ordinator (1.0 FTE) will quickly master all facets and roles within the Operations Team and work cohesively in sharing oversight of the Operations Team with the Operations Co-ordinator (0.5 FTE). The role will take direction from, work closely with, and report to the Operations Manager, and will ensure that all Operations staff members rotate sufficiently to retain currency of skillsets in all key facets of transport services.


(The Operations Manager has a primarily strategic role in overseeing and influencing operations activity: liaising regularly with the Operations Coordinators; monitoring and arranging responses to issues concerning overall performance, risk, expenditure and similar; developing operations policy and process improvements; introducing new resources (eg depots, vehicles, staff, IT), and introducing new services among other roles.)


The nature of LINK’s operations is such that there will be a need for the Operations Co-ordinator to provide collegial support and encouragement to a variable pool of volunteers from time to time.




WHS, Environment, Quality & Risk Management

  • Comply with LINK’s Management Systems and legislative mandates always
  • Oversee sub-ordinate’s compliance with LINK’s Management Systems and legislative mandates always
  • Maintain vigilance and escalate incidents/near misses/accidents to Management immediately
  • Contribute to operationalizing and evaluating HSEQRC policies and procedures in the workplace
  • Provide data, basic reports and other supports to inform the business as requested
  • Cultivate and engage relationships as required to optimize outcomes to LINK
  • Support volunteer input into various initiatives where applicable
  • Other duties as directed

Customer services

  • Oversee inbound/outbound calls, enquiries, customer welfare, and trip requests; and undertake where necessary, to assist Operations Team to keep pace with requests as required
  • Oversee customer intake processes; and undertake where necessary, to assist Operations Team to keep pace with requests as required
  • Receive and where possible resolve issues at customer interface where escalated beyond Officer Level
  • Process client complaints escalated by Officers.
  • Coordinate responses to client welfare concerns.

Operations services

  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) first point of contact (Duty Officer) for drivers/travel assistants on duty
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) management of records of driver availability and driver rosters
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) arrangement of trip requests into driver shifts (scheduling)
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) communication of shifts and other information to drivers/travel assistants

Service delivery

  • Participate in a roster to cover all operational hours and requirements
  • Participate in a roster to cover all on-call arrangements
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) check out and check in vehicles hired out to external parties
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) investigation and resolution of minor operational issues
  • Cover driver shortfalls by driving on some occasions

Vehicles and equipment

  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) various vehicle monitoring processes
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) scheduling and achievement of vehicle servicing, cleaning and repairs
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) securing hire vehicles from third parties when required
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) the management of a range of equipment


  • Assist with the organization of volunteer/other events and services
  • Oversee depots to ensure effective operation and cleanliness
  • Administer various volunteer records
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) administration and processing of financial records and transactions
  • Oversee (and perform as necessary) data entry and finalization of data
  • Provide day to day low level IT assistance (eg. create accounts, reset passwords, arrange IT assistance from suppliers)
  • Other recordkeeping


  • Engage with the Operations Team and organization to ensure adequate supervision; sound efficiency and performance; continuous improvement opportunities; reporting of issues and/or non-compliances; conducting of audits and/or investigations; and undertaking of training and other quality/performance-related activities.
  • Participate in core learning and development activities to advance professional skills and knowledge for application within LINK.
  • Leverage the LINK brand and Intellectual Property to optimum effect always.

Culture – general

  • Contribute to and foster positive organizational culture aligned to LINK’s Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles
  • At all times portray people with disabilities, people of diverse ethnicity, first Australians, and aged persons in a positive and dignified manner; preserving dignity, respect and privacy.
  • Ensure confidentiality of information
  • Carry out other duties as requested. All staff are required to undertake activities outside of their core duties from time to time.



The Operations Co-ordinator (1.0 FTE) has a responsibility and accountability to the Chief Executive Officer for safe work practices involving the following WHS requirements:


  • Comply with LINK’s Workplace Health and safety management system – Implement actions and decisions which are consistent with the intention of the LINK WHS policy, and ensuring compliance with all site safety rules, policies and procedures, and relevant legislation


  • Reporting WHS matters – Identify and report issues, incidents, near-misses, injuries and hazards in the workplace immediately


  • Work Environment – Ensure self, incumbents and volunteers are provided appropriate wear and maintain personal protective equipment where required. Carry out work in a safe manner; adhere to all safety instructions, participate in risk assessments, incident investigations, safety training, return to work programs, and workplace evaluations as specified


  • Training – Ensure abiding by risk management and Safe Work Method Statements or appropriate procedures. Participate in emergency response rehearsals and reviews when conducted. Actively participating in any other safety activities prescribed by LINK


  • Safe Work Methods – Ensure sufficient resources are available to you to accomplish WHS program objectives


  • Injury Management – Manage workplace injuries in accordance with the Return to Work policy, procedure and workplace instruction. Ensure documentation compliance as prescribed by LINK WHS management system





  • Understanding the needs and challenges of the Aged, Disabled, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, and Disadvantaged demographic
  • Empathy with the vision, mission and guiding principles of LINK
  • Ability to maintain productive relationships across diverse stakeholder groups
  • Model constructive, collaborative, professional and positive behaviour
  • High level resourcefulness; able to work independently and with minimal supervision



  • Strong leadership and motivational skills
  • Strong, compassionate people management skills
  • Strong time management, prioritization, multi-tasking and planning skills
  • Intermediate or above computer skills utilizing contemporary Microsoft software
  • High level analytical, problem solving, creative thinking and abstract reasoning skills
  • High attention to detail and accuracy
  • Sound metropolitan geographical awareness
  • Sound written and verbal communication
  • Sound general mathematical skills
  • Sound general knowledge of motor vehicle care or ability to develop it
  • Sound knowledge/experience interacting with and supporting aged, disability, and CALD cohorts



  • Relevant tertiary level qualifications or relevant industry experience



  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in leadership position
  • Previous logistics experience could be advantageous
  • Previous customer service or aged/disability industry experience could be advantageous
  • Experience using software for logistics, inventory management, customer contact or related activities could be advantageous.


Standing Requirements

  • Valid and current Driver Licence
  • Satisfactory Criminal History Check
  • Working with Children Check



Contract of Employment – Commencement Level 4 to Level 5 range dependent upon incumbent attributes (SCHADS Award)



1.0 FTE – 76 hours per fortnight


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